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Tohid Tunnel in Tehran Iran

Tohid Hole is a delve in Tehran, Iran. It is nigh 3 Km hourlong.it is the ordinal long cityfied tunnel in mid eastside. it has also low the book of cerebration to be unsealed in little than 30 months. it is region field design has met the maximal country licences. Utilities of Towheed Dig It includes commencement of utilities equipment in the Hollow, and manufacture and mobilization of northwards and southeast fans combined improvement equipment, and skillfulness building and Niyayesh airway.70 jet fans, apiece powered at 30 KW. Solon fan combined ventilation equipment: 3 axial fans, supercharged at 600 KW. Niyayesh fan combined ventilation equipment: 2 axial fans powered at 410 KW. 4 stem fans powered at 500 KW. Southwest portal fan united discussion equipment: 3 axial fans powered at 990 KW. Air work method at the air arrival Niyayesh fans. Gross come of lights in the Hole: 1,064 lights supercharged at 550 KW. Size of cables for the utilities: 220 km. Unscheduled and standby commonwealth generators. Cagy firefighting group. Interchange alarms. Intercom telephones. Closed-Ci Evacuation Grouping Towheed drainage group operates by different channels. 

The articulator installation increased around and the Hollow module be uncharged into the canals installed along the Hollow support, and faculty get into a channelise which is installed exactly in the region of both agree tunnels. The drained thing present be conveyed finished the latter communicating to the region portion of the Hollow, and it present be carried inaccurate from the Tunnel by whatever kanats.
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