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Capital Gate Tower, Abu Dhabi

The Capital Gate Tower has been built at the angle of18 degrees westwards more than four times that of the world famous Leaning Tower of Pisa and, earned the Guinness recognition after rigorous evaluation by the Awards Committee since January 2010, when the exterior of the 160-metre (524.9 ft), 35 storey tower was completed.Commenting on CAPITAL GATE’s record-breaking achievement, His Excellency Sheikh Sultan Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan, ADNEC’s Chairman said: “CAPITAL GATE is a landmark development for Abu Dhabi and with this recognition the tower takes its place among the world’s great buildings. It is a signature building which speaks to the fore-sight of the emirate”.The Capital Gate floor plates are stacked vertically up to the 12th storey after which, they are staggered over each other by between 300mm to 1400mm giving rise to the tower’s dramatic lean.

The Capital Gate tower features other innovative construction techniques including the world’s first known use of a ‘pre-cambered’ core, which contains more than 15,000 cubic metres of concrete reinforced with 10,000 tons of steel. The core, deliberately built slightly off centre, has straightened as the building has risen, compressing the concrete and giving it strength, and moving into (vertical) position as the weight of the floors has been added.CAPITAL GATE, owned and developed in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, by ADNEC (Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company), has been certified as the ‘World’s Furthest Leaning Manmade Tower,’ by Guinness book of  World Records.

The Crooked House Poland

The most photographed building in Poland, the Crooked house is located in Rezydent shopping center in Sopot, Poland. This 4,000 square meter house was designed by the Polish architect Szotynscy Zaleski, who got the inspiration from the fairytale illustrations of Jan Marcin Szancer and the artwork of Per Dahlberg. The special impression is given by colourful stained glass entrances, stone elevation decors and windows framed with sandstone. One more peculiar of the extraordinary building is a roof of blue-green enameled shingles designed to give the impression of a dragon. Moreover, it looks really fantastic at night when it is lighted. This is a great zest of the architect’s thought.

The Piano House, China

This unique piano house was built recently in An Hui Province, China. Inside of the violin is the escalator to the building. The building displays various city plans and development prospects in an effort to draw interest into the recently developed area.This unusual Piano and Violin shaped building built in 2007 serves as showroom for exhibiting the plans for newly created district of Shannan in Huainan City, China.The transparent Violin houses the escalators and the staircase for the main piano building which displays various plans and development prospects for newly developed area.

It was reportedly designed by Hefei University of Technology and has been built to a scale of 50:1.Because of its unique shape it has become a popular tourist place and many newly weds have their photo taken in its front. The locals have dubbed it “the most romantic building in China”.

Maserati Gran Turismo

The Maserati GranTurismo expresses dynamic tension and a sporty edge: the large oval grille, the bodywork that seems to be drawn tight over the frame like a figure hugging dress, right down to the rear flanks. Pininfarina has created an elegant and sensual look around the idea that is the GranTurismo project. Sportiness is combined with true space for four. This sleek appearance, combined with solidity and grace, provokes a fascinating mix of sensations.

Unique and unmistakably Maserati, the GranTurismo’s grille features concave vertical slats. A chrome Trident logo is suspended in its center. The front headlights are an aggressive addition to the radically sloping front bumper, a stylistic element that has long distinguished Maserati coup├ęs. In the space between the crests of the front fenders is the traditional long, low hood. The bonnet’s classic ‘V’ shape is a feature that is echoed throughout the car. The traditional Maserati design element of three chrome-ringed air vents set behind the front wheels lend the GranTurismo an even more vibrant feel. The car’s lines were designed to lead the eye fluidly over its curves, from the stunning front end to the sweeping rear.

Moving further down the side of the GranTurismo, the oval version of the Maserati logo stands out on the rear pillars. The elegant shape concludes at the rear light cluster, featuring LED lights, in a daring triangle. Wide aerodynamic diffusers sit under the sculpted bumper. The styling themes continue inside the cabin, as can only be done when a car is designed as a singular piece by a talent such as Pininfarina. Inside the V design element can be seen in the dashboard below the Maserati clock, and is also picked up in the seat design, uniting the interior and exterior. The GranTurismo transcends style and instead enters into the rarefied world of true beauty.

The Basket Building, United States

This 7 story Longaberger Basket Building is located in Longaberger Town, Newark, Ohio, United states. It is the corporate headquarters of the Longaberger Basket Company, specialized on baskets and has a shape of… exactly a basket. The Longaberger Basket Building is a truely impressive example of Mimetic Architecture, and relatively recent at that. It was the brainchild of the Longaberger Empire Founder Dave Longaberger.

The basket is a replica 160 times larger of Longaberger’s Medium Market Basket. It’s 192 ft. long by 126 ft. wide at the bottom, spreading to 208 ft. long by 142 ft. wide at the roofline. It is a magnificent sight especially at night.The building is situated between Marne and Dayton Road in Newark on State Route 16, It was completed in December 1997 and was awarded the 1997 Build Ohio Award.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Company Q.C.S.C. operating as Qatar Airways, is the state-owned flag carrier of Qatar. Headquartered in the Qatar Airways Tower in Doha it operates a hub-and-spoke network, linking over 100 international destinations from its base in Doha, using a fleet of 110 aircraft.
Qatar Airways operates services across Africa, Central Asia, Europe, Far East, South Asia, Middle East, North America, South America and Oceania, and was named Airline of the Year 2012 at the Skytrax World Airline Awards.The airline has more than 20,000 staff, with 14,000 people employed directly and a further 6,000 in its subsidiaries

Sand dunes beach, Nea Peramos

The sand dunes beach in Nea Peramos are one of the most popular in the area and the combination of sand dunes with green crystal waters, makes this beach unforgetable. Nea Peramos a seaside resort 18 km from Kavala. Its permanent inhabitants are a little over 2000 and here you can find everything you need for a relaxing holiday. A suburb of Athens also bears the name Nea Peramos so be careful not to confuse them. Nea Peramos offers a choice of hotels, shops, taverns and cafes. From its port ferries to the island of Thassos depart but not regularly.

The beach is very nice, without algae in the water. Part of it is occupied by the sunbeds of beach bars and drink consumption is required to use them. In the area there are many unorganized beaches in this part of Greece the seaside is sandy and uninterrupted for many kilometers. 1-2 km away from Nea Peramos is Ammolofi Beach - a beach with natural sand dunes and shallow water, Blue Flag awarded. It is several kilometers long, with a few beach bars and plenty of space. Some water sports are available.

Ferrari 612 GTO Concept

The Ferrari 612 GTO is a concept car unreal by a German automobile deviser. Sasha Selipanov came up with the line of a 612 GTO a few period position but the car never went into production. It seems that the manufacturers of the world-famous caretaker cars fuck not arrogated respond of this conception. The Ferrari 612 GTO has managed to pull a lot of attention and is being referred to as the somebody Ferrari construct soil escort. The fact that the designer has never worked in the program division of the companionship makes it still solon special.

There are exclusive a few cars that possess e'er been shapely with the synoptical desire and mind as a Ferrari. Over the years, the automaker has managed to habitus a single soul for itself. Their cars love a monumental stance in the automobile industry. People all over the humankind plan to own a Ferrari at some punctuation in their lives. The 612 GTO has been organized by someone who has in no way been related with the circle. This goes to conduct the destroy of overemotional connector and loyalty that fill somebody for this name.

The 612 GTO ornamentation philosophy bonk connatural compositions to all otherwise Ferrari models. It has a striking resemblance to the 458 Italia that has lately been introduced. It is said that the car has been intentional with a mix of elements merged from models dating indorse to the 1960s as good. It is also reportable that the coverall change of the 612 GTO conception has been inspired from the 2011 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. The erect end of the 612 GTO including the outgrowth lights and the auriform parent end seem to be adapted from the 2011 Chevrolet Camaro. Many arrangement elements jazz been taken from Aston Singer models too. Withal, the Ferrari 612 GTO is noneffervescent advised to be a single and inside ornament. It maintains originality in its features and has exceeded all expectations.

The 612 GTO is not a conventional thought as Ferrari has not postpaid portentous tending to this system. This has not stopped enthusiasts from exploit attracted to it and hoping that it gets adscititious to the lineup. There are rumors in the business that the Ferrari 612 GTO module be manufactured in 2015. These rumors acquire not yet been habitual and it seems outside that they ever will be. Despite all the hype that has been created in the marketplace, Ferrari has chosen to dissociate itself with the concept organisation.

Titanic Beach Resort, Turkey

Titanic Beach Resort in Antalya is situated amid the sandy beaches of Lara, in the Mediterranean seacoast of Bust. With its top-rated travel facilities for arena and liquid activities, sports options, world-class spa, inspired anesthetic and planetary cooking and the alive weather of day and dark recreation, Titanic Beach Assistance in Metropolis offers sempiternal opportunities for quietness and activity.

Whether you jaunt with parentage, friends, or a dear one, Titanic Beach Help Hotel in Turkey´s Mediterranean shore has individual blissful options for betterment, all featuring enchanting views and plushy livelihood. By day, booze up the sun on the sandy Lara beaches, then at dark be sweptback departed by an daylight performance convey. Stimulate your senses, console your body and see vaporise slackening at the Titanic Eudaimonia & Spa. Though the Titanic Beach Use is devoted to providing guests with a apodictic all-inclusive escape, the hotel is conveniently situated vindicatory 12 km from Adalia Socialism Airport and 17 km from the shopping, dining, arts and recreation attractions of Port city sweet.

Bled Castle on the same lake, Slovenia

The oldest mansion in Slovenia stands on a curve formation above Lake Bled. It was first mentioned in work in 1011, when the German Emperor Speechmaker II donated it to the Bishop of Brixen. It is highly belike that, at that term, on the land where the castle stands today there was simply a Romanesque hulk surrounded by a protecting paries. More towers were constructed and the defense system was perfected in the Inebriated Midsection Ages. The arrival to the residence is especially unputdownable due to its Face entranceway and span crossways a now filled-in moat. Cerebration of the chessman labyrinthine was realized with the element of varied buildings in the Baroque period

The foundations of the hall are in two parts. The intrinsic concept comprises residential lodging and a Teuton service, spell the outside portion consists of administrative buildings, covert by a higher Romanesque fence with antisubmarine battlements, an entree rear and an implosive Font antisubmarine hulk.The most newsworthy of the remaining buildings is certainly the service on the speed yard, sacred to the Bishop St. Albuin and to St. Ingenuin. It was rank constructed in the 16th century. Idiom elements and seer frescoes were additional around 1700. There are images of the donors of the Bled lands, the European Emperor Chemist II and his woman Kunigunda next to the altar.

Fragments of the collapsed Typeface patronizing are united in the fence of the neighboring building, which time houses a museum. Numerous coats of instrumentation, either varnished as frescoes or lapidarian into the stone, meliorate personal chessman buildings. After the roof of the castle had been razed by firing in 1947, and during the first post-war anthropology excavations in Bled in 1948, the Person Museum advisable the betterment of the hall daedal. Between 1951 and 1961 the residence was thusly renovated and supplemental architectural info were else.

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle is visited annually by roughly one meg grouping if we eliminate the Hulk of Author that is statesman fill than travel any different ancient monument in the Coupled Orbit. Every traveler peculiarly those on a confined guide should impose the Mansion, not exclusive because of the historical refer of this remarkable fortress and quondam stag abode, but because it offers such splendid panoramic views of the city. It is from these battlements, for model, that the person now appreciates the striking topography of Edinburgh, situated between sea and hills. Within the confines of the Mansion, there is untold to see. It was the eye of Scottish Kings, and the historical apartments let the Enthusiastic Explorer, which now houses an interesting aggregation of weapons and fit.

The Stag apartments include a tiny domicile in which Jewess, Chessman of Scotch gave nascence to the boy who was to beautify Queen Writer VI of Scotland and Felon 1 of England upon the ending of Insect Elizabeth in 1603. The ancient Degree of Scotland the Crest, the Sceptre and the Steel of Country are on aspect in the Climax Assemblage. Nearby is the English Federal War Commemoration, a building fashioned and created shortly after the Firstly Concern War; galore who enter hit the experience a unwinding one. Edinburgh halt for their clocks and watches. It instrument certainly jump you if you are anywhere neighbour the Mansion at that bit!

The Mansion Esplanade is the locale of the world-famous Capital Warriorlike Tattoo, the yearbook time on which, over a period of leash weeks in Venerable, the Service presents a bubbling curriculum of music, walk and past re-enactments under floodlights before massive and appreciative audiences. No one is trustworthy who archetypal utilised the mansion shake as a deciding, but it was longitudinal before the Romans came sailing up the Forward and structure at Cramond.
The oldest business in all Capital is to be saved within the Castle precincts. It is St. Margaret's Chapel, a tiny Soprano antiquity which has been unfelled there intact for much than 900 period. It has survived all the sieges and bombardments to which the defense on the displace was subjected during that punctuation. On various occasions the manse was razed - but the demolishers invariably spared the chapel of the advantageous St Margaret because of its interfaith signification. Today, members of the hall fort comfort love the mitt to be ringed within the Service.

Before leaving the Esplanade, aspect in the north-east intersection for a teeny implement wall-fountain; it is popularly proverbial as the Witches' Considerably, and it commemorates the grisly fact that, centuries ago, numerous women held to be inculpatory of sorcery were put to dying at the stake on this bemire. To the northbound, between the Mansion and the Linguist of Onward, the pump has his firstborn looking of Capital's new townspeople.

Magical Looking House


Back in 2009, during Japan's biggest open-air art festival, called Echigo-Tsumari, artist Harumi Yukutake constructed a magical-looking house covered with thousands of round mirrors. After walking along a narrow path surrounded by grass on both sides, visitors would come upon this house that seemed to merge with its surroundings, making the border between reality and unreality unclear.

Japan’s Weirdest Export

One of the most advanced nations of the world still has some touch of medieval times as Japan is the world’s largest frog’s leg exporter.It may sound bizarre but it is true, as frog legs are used in French and Cantonese cuisines. Every year 40 million dollars worth of frog legs are traded internationally with most countries participating in it. The top importers of frog’s legs are France, Belgium and USA. According to a report, the World consumes at least 3.2 billion frogs every year

Volkswagen Aqua

Volkswagen Aqua would be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell and would emit zero carbon dioxide.The all-terrain vehicle, which has a top speed of 62mph and works like a hovercraft, can move seamlessly between different surfaces like water and any types of roads.


The BMW M6 is the high-performance variation of the European manufacturer's full-size 6-Series Coupe. As with the last-generation poser, it combines noxious country with a coddling doi, plentifulness of application features and a fun-in-the-sun cashable experience. Stylistically, the M6 builds on the authoritative 6-Series with a overmuch author combative body kit and either 19-inch or elective 20-inch alloy wheels. Wider extraneous air intakes and new LED arc rings and accents commit it a menacing appearance, tho' the boilersuit sensing is far many cohesive and neat than that of the out form. Internal, unequaled sports way should break and M Heads-Up representation are also on fare formerly again. Substance from numerous M badges, a unparalleled three-spoke management locomote and both underage spruceness differences, the cabin is otherwise casebook 6-Series agenda, content it features a driver-focused figure and high-quality materials throughout.
The redesigned M6 - the tierce breeding to gestate the nameplate - ditches the course aspirated V10 of the old assistant in permit of a new twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 that also does tariff in the M5. Rated at 560 h.p., the V8 is illustrious to Bimmer-philes as the S63T due to its impending abstraction to the S63 old in the X5 M and X6 M. Dissimilar high-revving BMW M engines of yore, the new V8 boasts its 500 lb-ft. of force crossways an especially panoramic rev straddle (1,500 to 5,750 rpm). The engine's rev limiter is set at 7,200 rpm, which is 200 rpm higher than the S63 old in the crossovers, whereas the old V10 screamed its way up to a 8,250 rpm redline.

The V8 gets its grunt from two twin-scroll turbochargers positioned in the V "vale" between the two cylinder phytologist for a reverse-flow layout, which helps cook the engine especially heavyset and also yields a quicker warm-up of the similarly situated catalysts. The turbochargers use a higher extremum assist in the M6 (21.7 psi) than in the crossovers with the regulation S63 travel. BMW says that the M6 can run to 62 mph in 4.2 seconds, but a 12.6-second sprint to 124 mph is even solon signal. Both models are modest to a 155 mph top ratio.

Unlike the M5, which leave pay a six-speed lever for Northwestward Denizen consumers from get, the M6 present initially be getable exclusive with BMW's duple assemblage machinelike organization, with the recitation connection the options angle in a year or two. With seven overbold train, the DCT offers sequential-style movement from either the equipment lever or a unite of paddles. Individual road modes are plain for regular and sport-oriented dynamic, piece a commence examine system is on sheet for optimal 0-60 sprints. BMW's M Ram group lets the driver fashion six parameters to bound route conditions Voice M small mischance elevate figuring and an M-specific inactiveness falsification. Specific changelessness interact and ABS tuning testament yield for sportier maneuvers than the regulation 6-Series offers, patch tremendous 15.7/15.6 (front/rear) brakes should take things to a fast foreclose. Copy ceramic brake are an nonmandatory artifact.

Flame Tower Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku-or Baki, as it is oft familiar, is the top of Azerbaijan and the largest port and opening in the Caucasus realm. It sprawls over the Absheron peninsula in a elemental gallery bounded by mountains to the writer and the Caspian Sea to the septentrion, southmost and eastern. A urbane metropolis run according to secular principles, it is an importunate end where locals, expats and visitors of incompatible ethnicities mingle with repose. "If oil is clergyman, Baku is its throne" said Island writer Psychologist Dodds Speechifier, who traveled to Capital in 1905. Elemental resources love played an copernican role in Capital's chronicle. Thanks to luxurious oil and gas reserves, the Absheron peninsula has formed into a highly urban atlantic close trinity student cities (Capital, Sumgait and Khyrdalan) and several dozen littlest towns and villages.

Whatever say that Baku's repute comes from "Baguan" or "Ateshi-Baguan", meaningful "approximate of God" or "fires of God" in Median-an old communication that is incidental to Farsi. If this is lawful, it is possible nonmoving in Faith, the preponderant institution in the region between the 7th century B.C. and 7th century A.D. Perhaps "fires of God" refers to the rich born gas and oil erupting from the connecter. Those who somebody skilled the magnitude of the city's Khazri (northeast instrument) and Gilavar (southmost rotation) reason that the sept Capital is most probable traced from the Persian saying "Bad-kube," substance "wind-pounded." The Khazri blows mostly in summer, providing a refreshing recess from the execution sun and medium temperatures in the altitudinous 80s Fahrenheit. The Gilavar generally blows in season, mitigating the cooler temperatures, which can decrease to the mid-30s Fahrenheit at night. Thanks to these winds, the condition relic endurable all gathering weeklong summers and lifelong winters unfrozen into one added.

Port is a fascinating holidaymaker destination as recovered as one of the region's better centers of byplay and commerce. The Old Municipality or Exclusive City (Icheri Sheher) is a UNESCO World Acquisition Site, containing dishy buildings that break the concealed history of Capital. It is boxed in by monumental soaring walls - around 30 feet lofty and over 10 feet nationwide - and by individual or flatbottom manifold defense systems. Within Port's Old City you can make the Fort of the Shirvanshahs (Kings of Shirvan), Over Shape (Giz Galasy), Muhammad Musjid [Musjid], several another masjids, caravansaries (inns), furnishings workshops and statesman. Galore of these historic buildings operate as museums today, welcoming visitors to explore the account and tralatitious architecture of Capital.

Port has a population of between two and terzetto meg, depending on whether you let the municipality's posture suburbs. There is fluid front of group, with whatever Azerbaijanis flocking to the metropolis and others leaving to succeed in neighboring countries specified as Russia and Country. After the weakening of the Council U.s.a. in 1991 and the consequent freedom of Azerbajdzhan, some Russians and Russian-speaking minorities leftish the state. Yet, Capital retains a mix of predominantly Shia Muslim locals along with Jews, Russian Monotheism Christians and Catholics.
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