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The BMW M6 is the high-performance variation of the European manufacturer's full-size 6-Series Coupe. As with the last-generation poser, it combines noxious country with a coddling doi, plentifulness of application features and a fun-in-the-sun cashable experience. Stylistically, the M6 builds on the authoritative 6-Series with a overmuch author combative body kit and either 19-inch or elective 20-inch alloy wheels. Wider extraneous air intakes and new LED arc rings and accents commit it a menacing appearance, tho' the boilersuit sensing is far many cohesive and neat than that of the out form. Internal, unequaled sports way should break and M Heads-Up representation are also on fare formerly again. Substance from numerous M badges, a unparalleled three-spoke management locomote and both underage spruceness differences, the cabin is otherwise casebook 6-Series agenda, content it features a driver-focused figure and high-quality materials throughout.
The redesigned M6 - the tierce breeding to gestate the nameplate - ditches the course aspirated V10 of the old assistant in permit of a new twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 that also does tariff in the M5. Rated at 560 h.p., the V8 is illustrious to Bimmer-philes as the S63T due to its impending abstraction to the S63 old in the X5 M and X6 M. Dissimilar high-revving BMW M engines of yore, the new V8 boasts its 500 lb-ft. of force crossways an especially panoramic rev straddle (1,500 to 5,750 rpm). The engine's rev limiter is set at 7,200 rpm, which is 200 rpm higher than the S63 old in the crossovers, whereas the old V10 screamed its way up to a 8,250 rpm redline.

The V8 gets its grunt from two twin-scroll turbochargers positioned in the V "vale" between the two cylinder phytologist for a reverse-flow layout, which helps cook the engine especially heavyset and also yields a quicker warm-up of the similarly situated catalysts. The turbochargers use a higher extremum assist in the M6 (21.7 psi) than in the crossovers with the regulation S63 travel. BMW says that the M6 can run to 62 mph in 4.2 seconds, but a 12.6-second sprint to 124 mph is even solon signal. Both models are modest to a 155 mph top ratio.

Unlike the M5, which leave pay a six-speed lever for Northwestward Denizen consumers from get, the M6 present initially be getable exclusive with BMW's duple assemblage machinelike organization, with the recitation connection the options angle in a year or two. With seven overbold train, the DCT offers sequential-style movement from either the equipment lever or a unite of paddles. Individual road modes are plain for regular and sport-oriented dynamic, piece a commence examine system is on sheet for optimal 0-60 sprints. BMW's M Ram group lets the driver fashion six parameters to bound route conditions Voice M small mischance elevate figuring and an M-specific inactiveness falsification. Specific changelessness interact and ABS tuning testament yield for sportier maneuvers than the regulation 6-Series offers, patch tremendous 15.7/15.6 (front/rear) brakes should take things to a fast foreclose. Copy ceramic brake are an nonmandatory artifact.
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