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Crescent Moon Tower, Dubai

This Crescent Moon Tower boasts a 33-storey down-turned half moon on the banks of the Caspian Sea. It is designed to accommodate a children’s library, a conference facility, a restaurant, multiple cafes, and an open-air observation platform. Though it was just a proposal, there’s a big possibility that it will be built immediately. It is said to be completed by the year 2015 along with its sister project called the Full Moon Hotel – resembling the Death Star from Star Wars  which was  been proposed. It can accommodate a 220-hectare site that was formerly a storage hub for the industry. This place now has been cleaned up and prepared for offices, hotels, homes and services for 50,000 Baku residents and 48,000 workers.Crescent Moon tower in Dubai was only a proposal. It doesn’t exist yet. It was just a concept that was presented by an artist that should signify the modern face of Dubai.
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This place now has been cleaned up and prepared for offices, hotels, homes and services

Al Raha Gardens

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