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Statue made using 3500 smartphones

There are art pieces and then there are masterpieces, but the Pegasus statue is nothing less than awe-inspiring masterpiece. The winged divine horse has been fashioned using a whopping 3500 Huawei smartphones by Machine Shop from London. The colossal structure was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Spain by the Chinese manufacturer along with the Ascend D Quad.The staggering sculpture surely captivates senses and is 19 feet tall with 16 feet wingspan. It has a meticulously crafted frame which has been made using almost 650 yards of iron rods. 

The iron rods were neatly cut and soldered, after which phones were wedged on it using sticky pads. The frame has been used to smartly place Ascend D Quad handsets, which is definitely a very clever way to advertize and fetch the much needed attention towards the latest gadget.The attention grabbing piece of art stands with utmost panache and as is evident from the pictures brand new handsets have been used to make the structure shine like it does. It took a good 720 hours to bring the awesome creation to life and make it look what it does. The structure is a great inspiration when it comes to using odd resources to come up with new art, which is a great idea of using waste in an aesthetic way. Now, all we have to see is how many competitors does this massive Pegasus statue slay in order to get crowned as one of the best smartphone’s ever.

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