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Kiev Academic State Puppet Theatre, Ukrain

In Kiev, operates only two theaters puppets. One is the Kiev Academic State Puppet Theatre the first puppet show in Ukraine. It was opened in October 1927 on the basis of the Kyiv Children's Theatre named after I. Franco (now Young People's Theatre in the Limes). Initiated the creation of the puppet theater made by IS Deeva and OI Solomarsky - famous People's Artist of Ukraine. Already in 1937 the Jewish branch of the Kiev Puppet Theater won first prize at the 1st All-Union Festival of puppet theater, which, of course, was a real achievement.After the Second World War, the first performance of the Kiev Puppet Theater gave in 1946. Then he worked at Yaroslaviv shaft, 7. Director of the theater played the daughter of IK Karpenko-Kary - a talented writer and playwright of Ukraine, MI Tobilevich. Over time, the theater's repertoire expanded, and includes pieces for adults. Among them were: "Devil's Mill" (J. Dorda and I. stem), "Divine Comedy" (I. Shtok on the product of Dante).

In 1991, the leadership of the Kiev Puppet Theater has put forward the idea of ​​the International Puppet Theater Festival. The initiative was approved. So in 1991, held the first festival with theater puppets from various corners of the globe: Canada, Austria, Slovakia, Belgium, Finland, China, Japan, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Moldova, Turkey, Buryatia, etc. . According to experts of the festival, held in the capital of Ukraine is the most prestigious in Europe. For his services in the aesthetic education of the younger generation of social activities to enhance creative relationships at the international level, Kiev State Puppet Theatre in 1995, received the International Prize "Friendship". Moreover, this theater was a part of the International Association for Puppet "UNIMA." October 30, 2002 awarded the status of academic theater. Thus, today it is called the Kiev Academic State Puppet Theatre.Currently in the studio theater training actors, puppeteers. Courses "actor with a doll on the stage" and "Puppet theater actor" is also at the Kiev College of Variety and Circus Arts. All these institutions are preparing for performances of actors in puppet theaters of Ukraine.
Throughout its history Kiev Academic State Puppet Theatre has replaced more than one room. Permanent home theater acquired only in 2005. It proved to be a fairytale castle in Kreschatom Park, sponsored the construction of which was made by architect Vitaly Yudin. The new building has two halls, designed for 300 and 110 people and operates children's cafe and a museum of antique dolls, where visitors can see a wonderful collection of puppets, brought from different countries.Can be considered antique dolls themselves and the actors of the theater. Most of them are working here since the opening of the puppet theater. Sometimes they have to restore, as well as introduce new characters. But, despite this, most of the dolls speaks to audiences for over 80 years.

Fairy-tale castle, which houses a theater, with a few turrets and steeples can be seen from the hill. Before the building itself is an unusual fountain. In the center it is a huge flower, which has spread its petals. In the center sits a tiny flower girl Thumbelina.Around the castle there are other fantastic characters. They came here November 11, 2006. So tiny Thumbelina sitting on a flower in the middle of the fountain, got friends. On the terrace, located on the 2nd floor of the castle, is Pinocchio with his golden key. His friends - the sad Pierrot, beautiful poodle Artemon Mlvina and arranged in niches. Carlo organ grinder with his old tool is a little lower. His hat has become a favorite accessory for many adults and children, crowded here and willing to be photographed in it. At one site, the theater is the hero of Ukrainian tales Kotigoroshko who beat Snake in a brutal fight.Currently in a puppet show put such productions as: The Divine Comedy, Forest Song, Decameron, Bindyuzhnik and King, Queen Mystery Road, Puss in Boots, Masha and the Bear, Kotsky Pan, Cinderella, The Ugly Duckling, Thumbelina, and many others.
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