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10 Amazing facts about 3D Movies

It’s the 3D movies that are so in these days. Ever wondered what 3D actually was, who made 3D movies and why 3D. Let’s find out.

1. William Friese Greene of UK was the first innovator to file a patent for a viewing device that combines 2 pictures in one, a forerunner of the 3D image in 1894.

2. In 1915 the first demonstration of a 3D film was made at Astor Theater in New York City, USA. They viewed the 3D reels of dancing girls and Niagara Falls. The film was produced by Edwin Porter and William Waddell.

3. Movies of the Future (1922) documentary was the first stereoscopic print movie shown to a paying audience for only 14 minutes.

4. Columbia Pictures was the first big studio to make the 3D movie Man in the Dark (1953).

5. Italian film Nozze Vagabonde (Beggar’s Wedding) in 1936, was the first 3D movie to encourage the use of 3D polarizing glasses with synchronized sounds.

6. First 3D Movie with stereo sound and full color was House of Wax released in 1953. It was made by Warner Brothers, the second Hollywood studio to join the 3D market.

7. First 3D adult movie “The Stewardesses”, of 1969 has the highest budget to box office ratio of all 3D movies. An estimated budget of over $100,000 was spent in the production of the film which grossed $30 million at the theatres.

8. A Christmas Carol released in 2009 had production cost of $200 million and was the most expensive 3D animation film and one of the first new wave of 3D blockbusters. It eventually grossed $323,555,899 worldwide.

9. 3D movie with the biggest gross in its opening weekend was Alice in Wonderland (2010) which grossed $116.1 million in the US on its first 3 days of showing (5-7 March) even surpassing Avatar’s performance in its opening weekend in 2009.

10. The year 2009 a total of 10 3D films were made, the most number of 3D movies to be released in a single year.

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